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Surgeons play key role in identifying patients at risk for hereditary colorectal cancer

Surgeons play key role in identifying patients at risk for hereditary colorectal cancer 

Hereditary colorectal cancer remains under-diagnosed.1 A recent study published inFamilial Cancer that investigated the gatekeeper role of surgeons in recognizing hereditary colorectal cancer identified a need to improve discussion of family history of cancer and referral for genetic counseling with patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer.2 The study considered sufficient family history discussions with patients to include:
  • evaluation of first- and second-degree relatives diagnosed with cancer
  • type and age of cancer diagnosis in relatives
  • if relevant, discussion of hereditary cancer syndromes
When examining details of discussions with patients on family history of cancer, the study showed that the quality of discussion was inadequate in 72% of consultations.2 Comprehensive evaluation of colorectal cancer patients’ family histories can help identify high-risk patients appropriate for genetic evaluation. Genetic testing can provide further insight into hereditary causes behind colorectal cancer and inform on potential medical management changes based on your patients’ individual future cancer risks. Content Divider

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References: 1. Singh H et al. Underdiagnosis of Lynch syndrome involves more than family history criteria. Clinical Gastroenterology & Hepatology, 2010. 2. Douma K et al. Gatekeeper role of gastroenterologists and surgeons in recognizing and discussing familial colorectal cancer. Familial Cancer, December 2015.

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