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With the Myriad Promise, we partner to ensure your satisfaction.

Because patients and their families use test results to make life saving medical decisions, Myriad promises to provide affordable access to testing, a lifetime commitment to accurate results, and comprehensive support for ALL appropriate patients and their families.

If a patient encounters ANY financial hardship associated with their bill, Myriad will work directly with the patient toward their complete satisfaction, GUARANTEED.

Patients with questions regarding their Myriad bill or insurance Explanation of Benefits should contact Myriad rather than their health care provider. Myriad is here to help: 844-MYRIAD9 (844-697-4239) or

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Myriad Financial Assistance Program

Beginning July 22, 2013, Myriad will offer financial assistance to reduce qualified underinsured patients’ out-of-pocket cost to no more than $375. To be eligible, patients must have private insurance, meet their insurance’s coverage criteria for testing, and meet low income requirements (household incomes up to 200 percent of the Federal poverty level). This expansion of Myriad’s financial assistance program to underinsured patients complements the free testing Myriad currently offers for low income uninsured patients. Myriad offers testing at no charge to uninsured patients that meet specific financial and medical criteria. Patients with insurance that meet similar financial and medical criteria may be eligible for financial assistance through Myriad. Due to regulatory limitations, patients who are recipients of government funded programs (ie, Medicaid, Medicare) are not eligible to apply for MFAP. Qualification requirements and the submission instructions are provided below: To view the current HHS financial guidelines, please view the link below.

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